The Story of the Cubes

What can the Cubes teach us?


Inside the Challenge Cubes, participants experience and learn:

  • Effective communication

  • Constructive risk-taking

  • Empathy for others

  • Leadership

  • Decision-making


That's why the Cubes are ideal for:

  • Families e.g. parent & child bonding

  • Student leaders

  • Corporate leadership development

  • New students or employees as part of an induction programme

  • Ongoing employee training (integrating with popular personality profiles like DISC or MBTI is possible)



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Read a review of the Challenge Cubes (, 18 Aug 2014) or download the article (Teacher's Digest, Jul-Sep 2014).

To deliver quality experiential learning, Explora Pte Ltd (UEN 200922366E) is appointed as the exclusive provider for programmes and activities involving the Challenge Cubes.

About the Challenge Cubes

The Challenge Cubes is an artificial caving activity. It presents an entirely new take on what we might consider a ‘learning journey’. The exterior conceals the rich potential of learning and discovery within.


Participants (or 'spelunkers’) must employ all their senses to make their way from the beginning to end, negotiating challenges along the way such as tight crawlspaces, confusing junctions and of course, the darkness!


Watch how the Cubes took shape at its first home in West Coast Park:



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